"Back in the 70s when I was working in fashion, I had this boss who was a real stirrer. One day after a bad argument with my fiancé, I had come to work upset and my boss had comforted me. It started as a hug, but he became a bit more amorous and his hands strayed. Without even thinking, I had pushed him away and slapped him right across the face! As soon as I had done it, I realised what I had just done and watched his face turn from red to purple as he stormed out of the room. I had freaked out thinking “there goes my job!” Back then we didn't have protection laws against sexual harassment in the work place, so I thought that was it for me. But he came back in a few minutes later and apologised profusely, saying that he had been inappropriate and crossed a line. About a month later, I got a gorgeous leather jacket from him.... I still have it today actually!" - anonymous

anonymous 1

Louise Williams

"Never think of yourself as a victim, or being weaker. Never look for a disadvantage you are experiencing. Don’t ever feel discriminated against, and you wont be. Go out and do it - that in itself is empowering." - Louise Williams

Louise Williams

Ellie Williams Roldan

"Strength can often be misrepresented. We are often told that strength is standing on your own and not needing to take help or advice. Being independent. But I think that can be really damaging. We have so much to offer one another and I think strength is relying one one another and having the trust to do so." - Ellie Williams Roldan

Ellie W.R

Angela Bellingham

“I think sometimes we take it too far.. I think women do have a voice in society - and it has gotten louder, but maybe to the detriment of men. Why do we have to be so combative or competitive - when we are made differently? Our anatomy, our DNA, our hormones - all different, so why would we compete? Why not compliment each other to make this world better? I think we are created to enhance it together, to cooperate to make it a better place.” - Angela Bellingham

Angela Bellingham

Katie Robinson

“I find that I hold myself back, because I am my own critic and my own judge. I give myself my own boundaries that shouldn’t exist but they do - and I feel like if they weren’t there then I would try more, and go further.... I want to find true joy in everything I do, without fear of judgement. I want to be free to do what I want to do and not care.” - Katie Robinson

Katie Robinson

Shem Jeevaratnam

"Humanity is so good at bouncing back and moving on. Even when there are sides fighting against each other, they can be healed. Not forget, but forgive" - Shem Jeevaratnam

Betty Croll - Part One

“I really admired my husbands mother. She was gentle, but she was knowledgeable and helpful and creative. She created a lovely home. And for that you just need love. All the other things fall into place.” - Betty Croll

Holly Medway - Part one

Super excited for what is to come! We are currently processing a few interviews from this week and looking forward to 3 more tomorrow!

Appropriately, we thought we might as well start with a little quote from Holly... just a tiny bit of advice.

“When I think of strength, I often think of courage... And why Batman is better than Superman. Batman was a human being, and he was flawed. He didn’t have only one, rare little green space thing that could kill him... He could be punched or beaten up. He could die. He had legitimate things to be scared of, and yet he pursued bringing justice... I think strength is doing something because you think it's right, and you think there should be change, even if you are afraid and even if there are risks...”

Is there anything you want to say to other women? 
“I wanna say be Batman!”

The beginning....

Hey guys, recently Jess and Holly have been collaborating on something that we are both really passionate about. We love stories and believe that our world is made up of them. So we have set ourselves a goal to capture and share the stories of 100 different women - as a starting goal. You can follow along on facebook, insta and via our website.

How it works: We are interviewing and photographing a number of women from different walks of life to hear about their journey. We are going to share a photo and a small quote from the women we have met and talked to. After each set of 25 interviews, we will release a short video.

This is about drawing women together. Everyone has a story and we would love to hear yours, so shoot us a message, so we can have a cuppa tea and a chat!

Much love, Jess and Hols xx