"Back in the 70s when I was working in fashion, I had this boss who was a real stirrer. One day after a bad argument with my fiancé, I had come to work upset and my boss had comforted me. It started as a hug, but he became a bit more amorous and his hands strayed. Without even thinking, I had pushed him away and slapped him right across the face! As soon as I had done it, I realised what I had just done and watched his face turn from red to purple as he stormed out of the room. I had freaked out thinking “there goes my job!” Back then we didn't have protection laws against sexual harassment in the work place, so I thought that was it for me. But he came back in a few minutes later and apologised profusely, saying that he had been inappropriate and crossed a line. About a month later, I got a gorgeous leather jacket from him.... I still have it today actually!" - anonymous

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